Bread Crumbs: New View Part Two

We moved...again. The view out the living room window helps me forget
we're still living out of boxes even though we've been here for over a month.



I almost forgot to tell you that the Jorgensen's of Sycamore Street Press have had me over at their place for the last two days as a guest. Yesterday I shared 5 random things I have been into as of late and today I am sharing a marshmallow making how-to.

Remember last year when I was showing off my own homemade squishy treats? Well this year you can show off too by following these 5 simple steps!

By the way, I have taken the liberty of including a few images of lovely letterpressed goods you can add to your holiday wish lists. Actually maybe you want to work on being a little less greedy as we are entering the new year and start shopping for others instead of yourself...you should knock out everyone on your list in a one stop shopping spree at SSP. Hmmm, I can't choose a favorite...just surprise me.


Mustard and Blue

Just thought I'd share a wedding invitation suite for your Wednesday afternoon. The theme for this wedding was mustard and blue and so I responded accordingly.

The invitation contained 3 main pieces; a reception invitation, a map and a ceremony invite insert. The reception invitation and map were stacked together and bound with bakers twine while the ceremony invite was enclosed in a transparent 4bar envelope and then tucked under the twine to complete the package.

This was my very first wedding invitation that was almost entirely hand illustrated and hand lettered (The grey text on the invites were computer rendered). 

I'm posting this work about 10 months after it was completed but that is probably because I have been SUPER busy working on tons of projects, nurturing my children, darning socks (if people still do that), cleaning my house spotless on a daily basis, baking homemade bread every night, cooking gourmet meals, sewing stuff slash being domestic in every way and making the world a better place. Certainly my lack of postings have had nothing to do with failure to charge the camera for photo documentation, sleeping in, catching up on TV with my friend HULU, painting nails in animal print patterns like zebras and tigers, or any other acts that might fall under the category of being lazy—most certainly not.


My neck is begging for you, Diamond in the Sky

I spotted this while browsing the internet in effort to lengthen my wish list Christmas shop for friends and family. It's being sold for a mere $300. If someone buys this for me I promise I won’t wear it bare breasted with a patent leather jacket draping off my shoulders like the model on the website.



She is not a song writer, singer or guitar player by trade/training but that doesn’t stop her from writing songs, singing and playing the guitar. My well of inspiration and the most beautiful canvas I have ever seen.


Happy Halloweenie!

Let the weekend of homemade donut making, pumpkin carving, decorating one's self in the perfect disguise, and running amok begin! How can Halloween not be everyone's favorite holiday?

P.S. The costumes above were designed, made and worn by my bother Chase (aka: The most brilliant crafter I know) and his friend Emily, Halloween of '09. I'm so lucky to have a Wild Thing as a brother.


Now I know my ABC's

You may (or may not) have noticed that I took an indefinite blogging break. Multi-tasking is so not my thing these days. We’ve been living one day/experience/moment at a time, nothing more nothing less. I have, however, been posting a handmade alphabet letter a day on my kid friendly craft blog so if you have children who are into paper, glitter and glue or if you could use a letter refresher before belting out a performance of the A-B-C song, you should really stop by. (The letter M might be my current favorite, what's yours?) I've also been sharing picture book recommendations that you simply can’t miss. I can hear you biting your nails over anticipation at this very moment so I won’t take more of your time. Don’t forget to say hey.

Oh yes, and I just might have a few goodies up my sleeve in the nearby weeks to come so stay tuned.




Bread Crumbs : Goodnight Denver

There years.
Come and Gone.
Goodnight Denver.


Bread Crumbs : Spring, I Love You

Our friends came over to play.
Some big, some little small, all lovely.

We celebrated the warmth of the day with a yummy brunch, a ladybug release (2,000 little ladies to be exact) and each other’s company.

Hello Spring, I love you.

Photos by Katie Murihead and Trent Covington


Bread Crumbs : Gentleman Whale

My hubs Frankensteined this whale mask. Is this not the most dapper whale you ever did see?


I've been around

Besides the recent Bread Crumb series, I haven’t been spending much time updating the blog with current post but I have been around…on other blogs. If you’re interested:

The gals over at Fave Crafts asked me to submit a valentine how-to for their readers. I shared how to make your very own Love Mitts right HERE.

I also shared 5 of my current favorite blogs on the Fave Crafts blog HERE (you’ll have to scroll down to my name)

I helped my friend Melanie spice up the look of her blog by designing for her, a new stripey blog header and pinwheel background. Check it out on, You are my Fave. (image of Melanie above, found on her blog).

Also, on my kiddie-projects blog; Make Monthly, I have posted a few ideas/tutorials for parents and their children to do together.

In the month of Love we made Conversation Hearts from scratch with custom love messages.

We also created some Very Literal Love Notes which were meant as Valentines but could actually be sent to a certain sweetie anytime of the year!

Finally, to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss today, (and because we had some Dr. Seuss book covers lying around from another project) we constructed our own Dr. Seuss Sketch books.

TTFN…until tomorrow…or next week…or next month…only time will tell.


Bread Crumbs : Decision Made

I need to buy skates tomorrow


Bread Crumbs : I'm Stickin' with You

He brings me sugar that loves me back.


Bread Crumbs : Moonbeaming

I decided to begin a weekly series called Bread Crumbs. Once a week, (every Monday perhaps…but I’m not holding myself to that) I will post an image or images from somewhere I have been—physically or mentally— from the previous week. This is my attempt to loosely catalog some of the simpler, unplanned moments in my life that don’t seem to be momentous enough for its own blog post or journal entry yet, ironically, are the things that add the most richness to my experience as a human being, for one reason or another. {FINE PRINT} Keep in mind that I am not a photographer nor do I calim to be so, although these posts will most often be image focused, the idea is to center-in on the story the image tells. This therefore gives me the license to produce and post blurry, grainy, uncropped, out of focus, unedited images and/or anything of the like as desired or as laziness permits at time of post. You have been cautioned.


I was convinced we should take a picture of this year’s [official] biggest and brightest full moon.

On the porch at 2 am in a pea coat as an attempt to cover the undies...

feet swimming in a pool of empty shoe space—credit to the hubbsy’s sneakers...

I didn’t notice the 3 gentleman chatting only one house down until about 5 shots later…

giggles kept me awake for another hour.



Well, well, well, if it isn't the year 2010!
So I have high hopes for this New Year. The good old chalkboard is chock-full (pun intended) of to-do options for '10. Unfortunately, I'm still working out the kinks—first resolution: make resolutions. At this rate, I'm thinking my redesigned life will start sometime in February. I have a lot of the usual goals in mind, things dealing with health, finances and organization but I thought I'd share a few things that I am thinking of implementing in my new life that I am REALLY looking forward to.
#1- Sleeping more
#2- Less multi-tasking
#3- Getting dressed EVERY morning (the real reason I'm putting the resolution task off until February)
What do you think? I threw an ambitious one in there for you with #3. Another ambitious—although unrealistic—goal I have for this year is to become a roller derby doll...I should probably invest in some skates first though. Happy Twenty Ten!