Mustard and Blue

Just thought I'd share a wedding invitation suite for your Wednesday afternoon. The theme for this wedding was mustard and blue and so I responded accordingly.

The invitation contained 3 main pieces; a reception invitation, a map and a ceremony invite insert. The reception invitation and map were stacked together and bound with bakers twine while the ceremony invite was enclosed in a transparent 4bar envelope and then tucked under the twine to complete the package.

This was my very first wedding invitation that was almost entirely hand illustrated and hand lettered (The grey text on the invites were computer rendered). 

I'm posting this work about 10 months after it was completed but that is probably because I have been SUPER busy working on tons of projects, nurturing my children, darning socks (if people still do that), cleaning my house spotless on a daily basis, baking homemade bread every night, cooking gourmet meals, sewing stuff slash being domestic in every way and making the world a better place. Certainly my lack of postings have had nothing to do with failure to charge the camera for photo documentation, sleeping in, catching up on TV with my friend HULU, painting nails in animal print patterns like zebras and tigers, or any other acts that might fall under the category of being lazy—most certainly not.


Katie said...

I wish you had designed my wedding invites.

Amy Y said...

Well I'm impressed! Fantastic job, you!
And you have certainly been a busy gal :)

Spendloves said...

super cute! when shelby gets married, hopefully not in the next five years, you're hired!