Marshy Mallows

December, day 8, we made homemade marshmallows as part of our 2009 activity advent. We haven't really stopped making them since.

For activity advent day 13, we gifted some of these goodies to our neighbors.

We've made vanilla, peppermint and almond flavors...i diggin' on the almond. If your holiday agenda simply won't tolerate another to-do, consider this project your new year's resolution.


Emily said...

Pllleeeeaaasseee e-mail me or post the recipe! They look sooooo yummy!! emily@vegaswifi.net

heart charlie said...

Wow! Really? Homemade marshmellows?? That sounds like my dream come true!!!!!

Katie said...

These are even cuter in person! Loved it!

Angela said...

I am still dreaming about these! Hope you are feeling better!