Having cool friends who ask me to guest post on their awesome blog is my fave!

My friend Melanie runs the sweet blog known as, You Are My Fave so you can imagine my excitement when she asked me to be a guest poster for a couple days while she is on a mini vay-cay. Although my posts could never live up to her daily dose of awesomeness, I made a humble attempt by sharing THIS tutorial on picture transfers and THIS post about something that inspires me.

After you subscribe to Melanie’s lovely blog, if you haven’t already, you are going to wonder how you went through life without it! Yep, I totally know this girl in real life—(I am hoping telling you that will up me on the coolness scale).


Charming Evan

Rather than splurging on individual gifts for one another on our wedding anniversary, Jon and I like to purchase a piece of artwork for our home—the pressure of individual gift giving is reserved for birthdays. We have a lot of fun searching for pieces we like and then narrowing down.

The only stipulations we have set for ourselves is that we both have to like the piece and that we can afford it. Actually most of our acquisitions have been very affordable since we often buy prints or artwork from local, upcoming artist.

So when I stumbled across the artist, Evan B. Harris on the Charmingwall website last year, we both felt pretty sure what our 2009 anniversary would bring. I love Evan’s 20th century style and that he uses things like plastic resin and melted wax as mediums in his original art. We ended up ordering two prints and they arrived in two days. What do you think?

As a bonus to this purchase we were finally able to clean the dust of the never-before-used IKEA frames I bought at least 3 years ago, hooray!


V-Day Love Garlands

We had a few special valentines to send this year so we decided to make some love garlands out of felt, ribbon and buttons. Considering we have a three year old little Hendrix and because it is insanely affordable, felt is the craft-drug of choice around here.

Garlands contained special love phrases such as, “Loving You,” “I Love You,” and “Hello Lovely.”

We actually made an extra one to hang in our own home. It’s sort of nice having a little love reminder every time I go through the entryway in which it hangs. In fact, I think I may just leave it up year round.