Bread Crumbs : Decision Made

I need to buy skates tomorrow


Bread Crumbs : I'm Stickin' with You

He brings me sugar that loves me back.


Bread Crumbs : Moonbeaming

I decided to begin a weekly series called Bread Crumbs. Once a week, (every Monday perhaps…but I’m not holding myself to that) I will post an image or images from somewhere I have been—physically or mentally— from the previous week. This is my attempt to loosely catalog some of the simpler, unplanned moments in my life that don’t seem to be momentous enough for its own blog post or journal entry yet, ironically, are the things that add the most richness to my experience as a human being, for one reason or another. {FINE PRINT} Keep in mind that I am not a photographer nor do I calim to be so, although these posts will most often be image focused, the idea is to center-in on the story the image tells. This therefore gives me the license to produce and post blurry, grainy, uncropped, out of focus, unedited images and/or anything of the like as desired or as laziness permits at time of post. You have been cautioned.


I was convinced we should take a picture of this year’s [official] biggest and brightest full moon.

On the porch at 2 am in a pea coat as an attempt to cover the undies...

feet swimming in a pool of empty shoe space—credit to the hubbsy’s sneakers...

I didn’t notice the 3 gentleman chatting only one house down until about 5 shots later…

giggles kept me awake for another hour.