Just can't get enough...

I just can’t get enough Across the Universe movie and soundtrack, (not to mention Jim Sturgess). Listening to the soundtrack makes me want to watch the movie and watching the movie makes me want to listen to the soundtrack.

However, today I have exhausted the soundtrack and I don’t actually own the movie so I have to result in watching youtube video clips and trailers to get a visual fix.


Obvious Advice:

If you are like me and like to lollygag when you are visiting the library, my advice to you is not to forget your car is in metered parking. The poopiest part of this scenario is realizing you could own at least one of the books you checked out with the amount of money you now owe for a parking ticket!


Story Corps in Denver

If you don’t already know, Story Corps is a project dedicated to celebrating human life through story sharing and listening. This project enables willing participates to step into a Story Corps booth to record memories from their life. The participant is then given one of two copies of their recoded accounts. The other copy is archived in the Library of Congress for future generations.

Lucky for me and every other Denver resident, the Story Corps mobile booth is here today and accepting reservation for recording sessions tomorrow at 10 am. I am so excited for this experience, I can’t wait.

I love the fact that everyone has a history that matters and everyone is important. You can participate even if there is not a Story Corps near you, just go to their website to find out how.



I was a kid when I first saw Smuckers, “Goober” in the peanut butter isle at the grocery store. I remember thinking that the combination of peanut butter and jelly in a jar was a genius idea and secondly, that I really, really wanted to own one for my sack-lunch sandwiches, (which I don’t recall ever happening). When I saw this same product as an adult I thought, “That’s actually a little disgusting” and it was then promptly scratched off the list of “things I will buy when I am a grown-up” list. Now that I myself am a parent that occasionally takes 12 hours road trips with my husband, toddler and baby to visit family, the convince factor of this product magically turns grossness into not so bad and even maybe a little bit pleasant. So congratulations Smuckers from a fan once again…even if just on road trips.