Bread Crumbs : Gentleman Whale

My hubs Frankensteined this whale mask. Is this not the most dapper whale you ever did see?


I've been around

Besides the recent Bread Crumb series, I haven’t been spending much time updating the blog with current post but I have been around…on other blogs. If you’re interested:

The gals over at Fave Crafts asked me to submit a valentine how-to for their readers. I shared how to make your very own Love Mitts right HERE.

I also shared 5 of my current favorite blogs on the Fave Crafts blog HERE (you’ll have to scroll down to my name)

I helped my friend Melanie spice up the look of her blog by designing for her, a new stripey blog header and pinwheel background. Check it out on, You are my Fave. (image of Melanie above, found on her blog).

Also, on my kiddie-projects blog; Make Monthly, I have posted a few ideas/tutorials for parents and their children to do together.

In the month of Love we made Conversation Hearts from scratch with custom love messages.

We also created some Very Literal Love Notes which were meant as Valentines but could actually be sent to a certain sweetie anytime of the year!

Finally, to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss today, (and because we had some Dr. Seuss book covers lying around from another project) we constructed our own Dr. Seuss Sketch books.

TTFN…until tomorrow…or next week…or next month…only time will tell.