Now I know my ABC's

You may (or may not) have noticed that I took an indefinite blogging break. Multi-tasking is so not my thing these days. We’ve been living one day/experience/moment at a time, nothing more nothing less. I have, however, been posting a handmade alphabet letter a day on my kid friendly craft blog so if you have children who are into paper, glitter and glue or if you could use a letter refresher before belting out a performance of the A-B-C song, you should really stop by. (The letter M might be my current favorite, what's yours?) I've also been sharing picture book recommendations that you simply can’t miss. I can hear you biting your nails over anticipation at this very moment so I won’t take more of your time. Don’t forget to say hey.

Oh yes, and I just might have a few goodies up my sleeve in the nearby weeks to come so stay tuned.

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