We've Gone Green...as in food coloring

So, when Jon and I had our first little bundle of joy we just couldn’t wait for him to turn three because all the cool toys said 3 years +. Now that Hendrix has hit that lucky number we realize we failed to account for the crazy that comes with the age of “toddler.” It is fun though to see him get really revved up about things like Leprechauns.

Our March issue of Family Fun magazine is pretty much torn to shreds from Hendrix’s obsession with all the St. Patty’s Day paraphernalia featured, including THESE leprechaun traps which you can bet we will be making before the “BIG DAY.”

Because Hendrix was so bonkers over the mini mischief-makers, I thought I’d add some subtle leprechaun sightings to the mix. After a little sticky-back craft foam, a baby jar lid and a green washable marker, a leprechaun shoe print stamp was born.

We have been stamping tiny little green cobbler feet on every washable surface in the house while leaving behind a few chocolate gold coins for Hendrix to go crazy over, not to mention a little green in all of the liquids in the house such as the toilet water. We’ve just about milked our green food coloring dry.

Originally, the only thing I had planned to do for Saint Patrick’s Day this year was to make green eggs and ham like my mom did when I was a kid. It surprisingly takes a lot of work to be community of leprechauns in addition to being a mom. This has been a fun little adventure but I'm not sure I will have the energy to do this every year; seriously, I might just throw up a rainbow.


Katie said...

And the award for best mom goes to Natalia! I love how you are feeding Hendrix's imagination and not setting any limits on it. He is such a lucky child to have parents like you and Jon. Way to keep the holidays (and life) magical.

Amy Y said...

Ok that just might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

What Katie said ~ you win!

Wing Team said...

What a thrill! I just had a tiny glimpse of what it was like to be mystified by the magic of these holidays that I pay too little attention to now. What an amazing time of life--especially for the three guys who have you. Thanks for sharing all your fantastic ideas!

Amanda Leigh said...

So cute!

Grammy said...

You ARE the BEST MOM ever! Thank you for continually "opening the possibilities" to Hendrix and Avi and thanks for sharing your many rainbow moments with us. Love you.

qUittAnY said...

all i can do is laugh because the entire time reading this the image of drix going (quite literally) crazy ripping out the magazine page with the leprachaun foot prints showing everyone and screaming with excitement came to mind.... i especially loved that it was in feb. that this all began...hahaha

it all turned out so super cute though, a lot of work, but much rewarded...well for drix. Oh but avi needs a turn too...:)

angelic pursuits said...

You are so funny! Great work on doing something for St. Patrick's day. I don't think I've done a thing for my kids . . . ever. And the only reason I remembered it was St. P's day was when I saw someone wearing a great leprechaun hat. Oops.