Did you know it was Ira Glass’s birthday a few days ago? (That’s when I first began drafting this post but I was distracted by a toddler and baby until now). Anyway, as I was telepathically sending Ira good birthday vibes, I was remembering something I really love which is when I just happen to be in the car on a Friday night in perfect timing to catch NPR’s This American Life. Of course we subscribe to This American Life podcasts but we don’t always make the time to play catch up. Besides, sometimes hearing a story that makes you either laugh your butt off or cry your eyes out is a bit better when it’s unplanned.

For my church "job" I have the privilege of writing up articles from personal interviews I conduct with other church members. This little calling is amazing on many levels; mostly for the fact that people I often hardly know are willing to share their incredible lives without reservation but also because I like to pretend I have an inner Ira Glass I can summon during interviews. Perhaps THIS kit created by Frank Chimero would help. I pretty much can’t get enough of Mr. Glass.

In fact, on an obsessive note, Jon and I considered naming our second son Ira—you can’t deny it is a great name. Considering our last name though, we ended up naming him Avi and then we just subscribed to Showtime for a while to watch the This American Life television series.

Ira Glass Kit via Something’s Hiding In Here.


Emily said...

I adore This American Life. It is truly like the most delicious chocolate treat for the soul. I love to hear about different peoples life experiences. I have also enjoyed the TV version--but I do prefer the radio. BTW, did you see the TV episode about the LDS painter who paints biblical Christ paintings? It was really amazing. Good luck with your calling! I'm so glad that someone has recognized your inner journalist and now you get to share your talent even more. You are such a good writer and story teller.

Alison said...

this american life is one of our favorite things to listen to on road trips!

You are my fave... said...

I love Ira. It's been a while since I've listened but it's always the best. Did you ever hear the one about the girl who worked at FAO Swartz in the doll section and they nicknamed one of the dolls Nubbins? That was one of my faves.

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