I can’t keep up with me

I just joined Twitter because Jimmy Fallon told me to. I also have a MySpace profile (which I doubt I have logged in to more than 3 times in the last couple years), and a facebook profile (which I joined in 2007 but used for the first time recently when I discovered half of the people in my email address book have a page). Other digital “mes” exist on goodreads, youtube, and two other blogs besides this one; a private family blog and a blog to catalog monthly art project that Hendrix and I participate in with a few toddlers and preschoolers we’re lucky to know. I even have a digital clone of myself on the Wii we got as a Christmas gift this year!

Well, I'd love to chat but I have to go now so I can go to my twitter page to see what I have been up to and my facebook page to find out what’s been on my mind. Jon suggested I create a few profiles to keep up with my profiles...hmmm...not a bad idea.


Amy Y said...

I only have a facebook, myspace and blog and can't keep up. I don't know how you could possibly do it with all those! I will have to check out your blog with Hendrix's artwork :)

Natalia said...

Ha-I don't think it really is possible! To be honest all I really care about doing is the blogging thing and perhaps the facebook every now and again to follow-up with non-blogging people. I suppose the other stuff is all for show :)

Gonzo's Chicken said...

I can't believe THIS is what you posted!! I've been anxiously waiting to hear whether or not the leprechauns visited your house! More importantly, I've been wondering what Hendrix thought of it all.

(Chanting) Post! Post! Post! Post! Post! Post!

Lil said...

ya Jimmy Told me to do that too. I haven't yet. I'm still considering weather or not I think he's funny enough to take his advice. + I can't keep up with all the things I have going on too.

P.S. Did you see the where the wild things are trailer? If not do it right now.