I'm collecting a collection

I have a new favorite blog and it’s all about a new collection that I am collecting; sticky tape.

(WARNING: all useful information ends here).

When I was young I use to be somewhat of a packrat. I kept everything and collected everything. I really liked to stockpile little knickknacks, especially tiny ones like an itty bitty little wooden mouse and mouse trap my mom got at a craft store for me at a 9-cent-sale. Although I had an abundance of tchotchkes and never threw a shred of paper away, I was strangely organized. I have been binning, filing and labeling since I was in kindergarten—ask my mom if you don’t believe me.

Overtime, as I grew into adulthood, I found less value for the many ornaments in my life. In fact, I began to feel somewhat beleaguered by the things that surrounded me. I began to rid myself of almost everything that didn’t provide me with a useful purpose. Overall this process has been liberating but unfortunately, there are a few things I have let go that I completely regret (my childhood keychain and eraser collection for instance). As much as I think things are just things, there is something magical about having personal meaning to belongings that might be useless to the average Joe or Josephine.

I have a few “adult” collections; postcards, notebooks and journals, note cards and stationary, charming vintage serving platters/dishes and photos of people I don’t know, (there is a project in the works with this one) old fashion magazines and childrens books—raggety ones to cut up for the lovely photos and illustrations, and empty Altiod tins (also for a project) but because I quite like the idea of a little magic from my childhood accompanying me through my adulthood I have decided to resurrect a few (meaningless) childhood collections and maybe even begin some new ones.

Let the insignificant-significant begin with:

Antique buttons, (I started this with my friend Amanda in grade school. We became obsessed with a little antique store near her home, buttons were probably the only thing we could afford)

possibly wooded spools, vintage ribbon and fabric—(I hardly sew but I am oh so inspired when I see of these things at a craft/fabric store I love; Fancy Tiger)

mini erasers...especially ones that look like food

collection of random minis, basically little things that fit into a matchbox like the image above

and decorative tape …obviously inspired by the site above. Luckily I still have two precious rolls that I got at the sanrio store long ago. Naturally they have hello kitty characters on them, they have been stored with my sticker collection…oh look at that, another collection. Perhaps I have more collections than I am accounting for. If you are still reading I am curious to know; What you are collecting?

(I told you this blog would be random)

By the way, the top image is from the movie Everything is Illuminated—which I loved, great soundtrack too.

Image links: (buttons), (spools), (erasers), (minis)


Alison said...

this post was an inspiration! the only thing i really collect are heart shaped rocks, seashells, and alphabet children's books. this got me thinking about what i'd like to start collecting...the ideas are brewing!

raigo~ said...

hi, i know i'm a bit late, but i couln't not answer this post! i collect almost everything and anything, from stickers and postcards to coke bottles, paper wraps, empty perfume bottles, and lots of other things i can't really remember right now (yes, i think i might have a problem..)
you're blog is awesome, thanks so much!

tech°nikly pink said...

Well, I'm even more late but I just had to comment and let you know that I collect little tiny things also. I just started collecting the little erasers from Japan. Thats how I ran across your blog. Its great!