Happy (belated) Christmas

Lookie what I found; cellie photos of the third annual company holiday greeting card I designed for a company called CSI. Since the assembly of these cards required a couple all-nighters, I decided to dust these images off (not really because they were on my computer and I just clicked the upload button) and share them with you today for a little (belated) Christmas cheer.

Because the good folks at CSI like me so much, they pretty much let me have free rein when it comes to the design of their seasonal greeting card. The only thing they asked was that this year's message have an emphasis on the Christmas holiday. I knew these greeting cards would be hand delivered with a box of chocolates so beyond coming up with a Christmas-appropriate copy, I decided these cards should double as Christmas tree ornaments.

The inspiration for this project came from some beautiful paper mobiles a friend and I had used on a collaboration project a couple months previous to this assignment (but more on that later). For my paper stock I choose a gold patterned one from French Paper's Mod-Tone line and after much cutting, paper punching, scoring, folding and gluing, I assembled three different sized medallions together using thin jewelry wire. The greeting itself is inscribed on a flag that is attached to a gold cording from which the mini mobile hangs. As a final detail, I attached a greenish-gold bead to the top of the threading.

I liked the look of all the greeting cards hanging on a hook in one big bunch like a bouquet of flowers (don't mind the low quality phone photos). Now that I have had plenty of time to recooperate from this project I might have to pull out the paper cutter and repeat this craft for a little home decor, or maybe I'll just sit at the computer and look at these pictures instead which wouldn't require nearly as much effort...yeah, I choose that.

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