Getting Buggy: Birthday Invite Year 1

We are still full swing in holiday season around here because besides celebrating the birth of a new year we have so many family birthdays to honor this month. In fact, today my oldest's is five! His 5th year party invitations were hand delivered yesterday morning and the festivities will take place this Saturday. In tribute to birthday month, I decided to use this week of blogging to share some of the other b-day invitations I have designed for Hendrix in years past. Shall we?

His first birthday party was bug themed. I created this invitation using a felt-like Astroturf, plastic bugs and tiny dried flowers found at a yard sale. I also used a nice cover stock for the information portion of the invite.

The invite itself was postcard size and in postcard format so all the information was on the left panel of the card and the right side was left blank which would eventually be filled with the recipients mailing information—just like a standard postcard.

Next I cut rectangles from the Astroturf to match the size of the postcards. With glue I applied the turf to the front of the card and from there I added the other nature-like elements.

Each postcard was then inserted into clear cellophane bags in effort to protect the add-ons, labeled and then off to the post. There you have it, the great outdoors in a bag—or at least the appearance of such. 

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