Merry and Bright...Round 2

Last year I had the opportunity to create a holiday greeting card for an electrical company and this year they invited me back for a second round. I used the same "Merry and Bright" slogan that I used on last years greeting but unlike last years card, there was a bit more emphasis on the "Merry" rather than the "Bright."

The card pulls out to reveal three strands of holiday lights with the text "Peace and Light..." At closer inspection the receiver will see the light bulbs are actually just holes in the paper which revel the color from the page below.

Opening the card entirely, reveals the classic merry message.

I couldn't figure out why my right arm was so sore the day after completing these cards then Jon suggested that it might have something to do with die cutting over 1,000 little circles by hand...oh yeah, that might have something to do with it.


qUittAnY said...

oooooooohie wooooowie i likey like! :)

Slumber Designs said...

These cards are fabulous! I love 'em!!! Thanks for sharing. I think you gave me an idea for next years cards :-)



Natalie said...

Cool dudette! I can't believe that you hand punched over 1,000 cards! You are going to get carpal tunnel girl. Yep. But you will have really cool cards to show for it.

Natalia said...

well nat,
it was actually only around 35 cards and over 1,000 holes punched. so yeah,...I guess my arm could have been much more sore.