Car Cruising: Birthday Invite Year 2

Hendrix’s second year birthday party was more like a second year get-together. At this event, Hendrix had 3 friends over for cupcakes and a craft; Flintstone style ride-in cars made from cardboard boxes, construction paper and paint.

Since the only item scheduled on the party agenda was to make cars to cruise around in, I thought a car that traveled alongside a countryside scene would be most appropriate.

To make the car move this invitation had to have three parts. The first part of the invite displays a computer illustrated outdoor nature scene and road. This portion of the invitation is actually a folded pocket that the second part of the invitation slips into.

Pulling the side tab on second piece reveals all the party information. While the tab is pulled the car moves across the page. The car is the third portion of the invitation which completes the design.


My favorite thing about the end result is that the invitation is truly intended for the enjoyment of the invited child rather than for the child’s parent—although the design includes all the crucial event details that a parent should know.

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Katie said...

I wish I were as skilled as you!