Georgie Porgie

I have been spending a lot of time with George Washington lately and that is because a dollar store just opened up within walking distance of my house! I screamed a little when I walked inside for the first time—yep I’ve been twice this week. As usual when stepping foot into an unexplored all-a-dollar store such as this, I knew I would be going down each isle twice; the first go-round was a power browse. This is where I do a sort of speed walk as I allow my eyes to swiftly dart across the shelving while maintaining a calm and collected demeanor because if I go too crazy, I know I will forget to look up and down and only stay at eye level—what a disaster that would be. This is the stage where my internal shopping list is being etched into my brain and I don’t want to miss something I probably need.

Once I have made my acquaintance with each and every isle I feel confident enough to reintroduce myself to the sectors of the store which I believe will produce the most boast worthy results. In this second phase, I begin to add the goods to my cart as I silently congratulate myself for getting such a great deal on this “thing” that would be really hard to live without. I could quit here but I usually treat myself to one more modest gander around the locale.

In this third run through I actually don’t run at all but instead wander somewhat leisurely, I know I am approaching the reflection period. Much of the high has worn off at this point and I am able to think with a clear head, resulting in a much more selective and budget-conscious decision about what is currently positioned in my cart. There are always a few give-backs or a short swapping performance, particularly of those things that may in fact be less than a dollar in a non everything’s-a-dollar store (obviously selected in an interlude of over-enthused delusion). Then it’s off to the register—and thanks to step three—I have stayed well within my $10 budget.

Top three favorite items purchased are as follows: lenticular zoo animal stickers (the ones that change images when you slant them up or down—in other words, 2-in-1 stickers), fill-in-the-blank game spinners (I have attempted to home-make these to no avail…can’t beat 4 for $1) and wrapping paper; brown with white lace print overlay and as a bonus, a fatty smile on my face.

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Bob and Cathy said...

Who doesn't love a dollar store? So much stuff you never knew you never needed! Ours definitely has good deals on many things--wrapping paper, gift bags, shipping envelopes, etc, and it's always a treat. I definitely walk each aisle at least once because you can't risk missing any of that high quality merchandise! Deals are hiding everywhere!