Nesting Baby Shower Invite

I haven't posted any work in quite some time. I am not the best when it comes to documentation of a finished job. Besides that, I'm not sure any one would find the glamour in every brochure or direct mailer that come off the press. Today however, I'd like to share a little piece I came up with for a baby shower invitation (the fun stuff) given for a friend of mine.

The hosts of the shower decided to use "nesting" as an underlying theme for the party but rather than your standard baby-chick-decor they decided to go with the beautiful paper crane as somewhat of an icon. I thought this was a fun way to also symbolize marital bliss, happiness, good fortune and peace for a mom-to-be. The colors for the party were pink, orange and yellow.

All of the above inspired me to come up with the following 3 part invite.

The first page in the set is the actual invitation to the party. The second page is a how-to diagram on folding paper cranes. Since this job was gifted (for non-profit) I decided to use a beautiful instruction sheet created by My Trinh Ha I found on papercrane.org then I just added my own elements to form a cohesive look. This second page was printed on vellum paper for a variation in texture as well as opacity.

Through the vellum you could see the third page which was a piece of decorative rice paper in which the prospective party goer would be able to fold their own crane using the provided instructions. A strand of colored crafting floss accompanied the invite for displaying the crane after folding.

Everything was clipped together, stuffed into a square and labeled envelope, then sent off to the post.

The end.


Katie said...

Cutest. Shower. Invite. Ever. I loved it! You are so talented. It blows my mind.

qUittAnY said...

WHAT? why aren't you making millions right now with that mind yo? you crazy! those are freaking cute!

Wing Team said...

Those are beautiful and so unique, of course! Thanks for sharing your genius.

Spendloves said...

Loved 'em. Wish I could have gone.

The Nevada Neibaur's said...

Origami is quite time consuming. Your kids must be pretty good. When do you find the time?

Natalia said...

Kristen...I laughed out loud reading your comment. The secret is sleeping less!

Bob and Cathy said...

So impressive as always!! Your skills are incredible! I love seeing all your projects so keep sharing them!