Happy Birthday Pearly

(photo above by Charissa Spendlove)

Last week a friend of ours—a much younger friend of ours—turned one year old! This made me realize that for a whole year I have had the intention of posting a little project that I had created for her parents to announce her arrival. I think I was waiting to take some better photos before posting but again, it’s been a year so I think I’ll go ahead and stick with the original shots for a much over-due show-and-tell.

Pearls parents and I brainstormed the possibility of incorporating the alphabet and/or Pearls name as a subtle theme for the announcement so I came up with the “P is for Pearl” concept, integrating strands of “alphabet peals” in the background.

The announcment opened vertically to reveal Pearl's birth stats and the photo you see above which was taken by another friend of mine; Charissa Spendlove. The folding was designed so this card could either be sent in a small invitation size envelope or sent as a postcard if sealed at the opening (mimicked after the Avi Jude announcement).

So there you go, only one year late. Happy birthday pearly and congrats on your first year of life!

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Natalie said...

Wow Natalia, I finally am catching up and reading your blog and it looks like I am a month late on a blog that had to do with me! That was cool you posted it. We will always cherish our perfect and unique birth announcement.