As a preschooler, I really did have a thing for Michael. I even had a poster of him on the back of my bedroom door. I laid on my bed facing the closed door making him the last person I would see before going to bed each night and the first person I would see when waking up each morning. Thriller was of course my favorite music video. Although this may have been partly due to the fact that I knew I was getting away with watching something I probably shouldn't—at least not at that age. I was super brave for the entire (lengthy) video until the very end when his eyes turned yellow again; I had to cover my face for that part.

I also remember red leather jackets and a glove on one of two hands being very fashionable among people I was actually related to, not to mention Beat It karaoke sessions during family get-togethers. My mom would try to teach me how to moonwalk, she can still do it and I still can't. I've also seen old videos of my mom and her sisters dancing to Rock with You but that was witnessed later in life.

It seems a little incredible that a fairly good portion of my memories as a three and four year old are accompanied by memories of the late "king of pop." I know its dramatic, but loosing Michael feels like some of those childhood memories don't really exist anymore and I guess that's a little sad for me. Thankfully there is the music to authenticate the past.

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