V-Day Love Garlands

We had a few special valentines to send this year so we decided to make some love garlands out of felt, ribbon and buttons. Considering we have a three year old little Hendrix and because it is insanely affordable, felt is the craft-drug of choice around here.

Garlands contained special love phrases such as, “Loving You,” “I Love You,” and “Hello Lovely.”

We actually made an extra one to hang in our own home. It’s sort of nice having a little love reminder every time I go through the entryway in which it hangs. In fact, I think I may just leave it up year round.


Amy Y said...

Those are so sweet!

Katie said...

Oh to have your skills and imagination. I really like this garland that you made. You're such an incredible crafter.

Wing Team said...

That was such a great idea! Very cute.

Amanda Leigh said...

You are so creative!