If you like tv, I like you

Okay, here’s my thing with TV, I like it. True that it can be a good point scorer on the lazy meter but on the other hand, my brain was really working overtime with that DVR’d Law and Order episode I watched the other night—it was SVU after all—talk about push-ups for the brain. Occasionally I run into people who seem to be ashamed to watch TV and feel more comfortable talking about all the books they have read. Not that I have anything wrong with books, I am a collector myself and would love to have my own little words published one of these days but I have decided to consider myself well-rounded by liking both.

Sometimes I hear people say, “I don’t have time to watch TV” or worse, “I WISH I had the time to watch TV.” Both of these statements confuse me; I was under the impression that everyone has the same amount of literal time in each day. However, when I hear either of these statements I no longer wonder if the individual is actually trying to make clear of that fact that they are living a much more Gandhi/Mother Theresa-inspired lifestyle—reconstructing the world for a brighter future for our children rather than sitting on his or her couch wasting away what little brain cells remains after television overexposure, no-no, instead I have decided to interpret the statements as, “I waste my time on something else besides TV.”

Not owning a TV is different than not liking TV and is perfectly acceptable if one has internet access to view a missed mini flick or attends their neighborhood Lost party. To be perfectly honest, I have also considered giving up the flat screen to save a little on the green. And I’ll admit, I have done my fair share of time wasting in front of the old tube but that is the beauty of DVR, which unlike any other devise, seems to actually add minutes on to your day. It’s like a time machine for TV! And DVR, my friends, is why we will be doing no television dismounting anytime soon.

This is probably sounding like all I do is watch TV which is simply not true. In fact, some days we don’t turn it on at all and when we do it’s usually not until after dinner, (with the exception of Hendrix’s morning Yo Gabba Gabba and Charlie and Lola.) Skipping nights really allows us to indulge in our moving picture faves. So you see, we are hardly a family of couch potatoes, more like couch potato chips, which is fine with me. Besides, who doesn’t like potatoes?

And one more thing, if you haven’t seen 30 Rock yet, you should really consider it.


Lil said...

I am so with you. I freakin' love T.V. In church we were challenged to unplug our T.V.s to let our spirits recharge. I was like okay no prob. So Huston & I are only watching Lost & Battlestar Galactica. My Spirit doesn't need a break from the best T.V. shows ever right. It would would have been different before. Turning off friends and seinfeld is not much of a sacrifice these days.

Amy Y said...

I would like to find more time to read... but I spent too much time watching TV. But there is too much on that's good! And it's relatively inexpensive entertainment.

What do you think of Lost so far??

I must admit, we watched the first two episodes of 30 Rock and I didn't dig it. Or maybe I didn't get it. We watched Studio 60 and LOVED it and were very disappointed when it was cancelled... it seemed like 30 Rock would be similar so I tried and wanted to like it but it just wasn't what I thought it'd be. Perhaps I should have given it a couple more episodes? I love Tina Fey but not crazy about Alec Baldwin so maybe that was what turned me off?

Anyway, happy channel surfing from one couch potato chip to another :)

Lis Wing said...
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Lis Wing said...

Boo-yah! I couldn't have said it better. Reading is good and entertaining, but TV is amazing right now! We are catching up on Lost and I am picking up season 3 this afternoon from the library. Can't wait... I'll be finding moments to watch whenever I can, believe me! 30 Rock has me laughing out loud at least two or three times per episode(even when I'm watching it alone). I have to rewind an laugh again too! The Office is the one I am totally disappointed in lately.

Melanie said...

You know how I feel about TV and 30 Rock especially. That's why we're friends. You don't feel guilty about your TV habits in front of me.

Eva said...

currently watching on a weekly basis: 30 rock. the office. 24. lost.

currently watching on dvd (a little here, a little there): the mary tyler moore show, seinfeld, friends, and mi-5.

other favorites on dvd: arrested development, freaks and geeks, the house of elliott, gilmore girls