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What is it about all things mini? When I was little I had a decent collection of matchbook cars and my favorite one was the ambulance because the back doors opened up to reveal permanently installed plastic benches on both sides of the vehicle. The front door also opened to reveal a drivers seat and a baby-blue colored dashboard. I loved looking at all the tiny details, like the odometer and radio buttons. I wished so much that I could shrink down to fit right inside and take a spin. It wasn't because I wanted to drive the car—I knew that day would come—it was because I wanted to temporarily be a part of a miniature world (this is probably why the book The Mouse and the Motorcycle was so appealing to me as a kid).
A few months ago I was in a train hobby shop where I found myself surrounded in a world of minis (aka heaven); tiny people riding bicycles, a little boy in an inter tube prepping for some outdoor water adventure, tiny cars, even tiny pets. The other costumers also seemed to be lost in this very literal "small world." The difference between them and me however was most apparent in appearances. I was sporting bleach blond and they were sporting grey and balding. I had on a thrifted leather belt adorned with debosed mushrooms and butterflies, they had on thrifted suspenders. I was enjoying a break from the kids and they were enjoying their retirement. Alas, they accepted me with friendly nods, smiles and how-do-you-do's, and therefore allowed me to fit right in.
Unfortunately, also unlike the lovely men around me, I don't have a basement full of train paraphernalia, just my love for small. Sure I had a handful of plastic treasures but how could i really justify buying them? That's when I remembered some very special dioramas I had seen by photographer Lori Nix (see samples throughout post). So I allowed myself to pick out a few things to support my newly proposed hobby. After all, my kids really don't keep me very busy and I think I really do have too much money and am in need of something to spend it on.
About 3 months later I haven't made any miniature scenes to photograph or even purchased more material for that matter. At least we live not too far from a town with all things tiny...

(mini letterpress)
(mini greenhouse)
I have discovered that minis make great gift toppers if nothing else...
and so, the obsession continues.

*pic jon took of a scale model he helped create at school with his group; Eric, Rachael and Kathryn.

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Emily said...

Mini's are so great. I've been to that cute mini town in CO. It is so fun. I'm so glad you posted about it--I'd forgotten about it.