Life Lyrics

I know, I know, this blog has had a heavy hit in the random category lately. That is why I thought I would post a little project that I actually created a few months back but just barely did anything with.

At the end of the summer last year my grandma (aka “little grandma”) had given me a bunch of her olds games that I use to play with at her house when I was little. As I stared at all the miscellaneous game parts I became enticed to create something from some of them. Because I loved the look of the worn, wooden pieces from a very old game of Jenga, I decided to use the rectangular blocks as my main ingredient. The other ingredient was my much neglected wood burning tool which I used as an inscribing instrument. What resulted is the first piece to a series I am calling the “life lyrics project.”

In it’s entirety the message reads: “How very special are we, just for a moment to be, part of life’s eternal rhyme.”

If that sounds familiar to you it may because you have seen the 1973 animated version of Charlotte’s Web. The lyrics are from, Mother Earth and Father Time which is a song written by the Sherman Brothers for the movie. The line I used for the project just really inspires me.

I am glad I finally took a whole five minutes to get this on the wall, now I just have to fill up all the empty space around it. Stays tuned for more about the “life lyrics project” and guess what else? There is another giveaway in the works—I bet you can’t wait…mom…dad…anyone?


Amanda Leigh said...

That is so cool!

Wing Team said...

I love how that turned out!