For the Nerds Like Me

In one of my typography classes in school I had to purchase a little book called, The Mac is not a Typewriter and it pretty much changed my life. Well, maybe not, but it did change the way I type. Even though I am old enough to have actually had to use a typewriter, I am convinced that even those who have never used a typewriter are following outdated typewriter rules like I was, (and sometimes still do.)

Did you know that you should NEVER double space after a period? Now that we are no longer using mono-spaced, mono-sized type like we once did on the typewriter the double space just becomes an unattractive giant gap. Okay, you probably knew that one but I didn’t when I first read this book which was not all that long ago!

Re-reading this book again reminded me why it is one of my faves even up against a few pricey deign books I own. This book also includes things like using the right type of dashes in the right places, widows, orphans, proper quotation marks, the no-nos of underlining and a bunch of other exciting stuff for a nerd like me.

I am now realizing that I probably just totally turned you off from ever reading this book but seriously, you should at least check it out from the library. I wish I had the cash to purchase a copy for everyone I know!

P.S. The PC is not a typewriter either so this book applies to all computer owners.
P.S.S. I am exempting myself from having to follow every rule of type on this blog. So, if you do read it, please don’t consider me a hypocrite.

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qUittAnY said...

i like when you read these "types" of books (get it?) because then i can just learn from you:) he he