Baby Shower Invites + Thank You Cards + Feel-Good Tunes + Giveaway!

This little baby shower invite was inspired by the mother-to-bes’ love and talent for origami (see origami paper background) and baby room colors of lavender and light green.

Being quite fond of origami myself, I decided to create a thank you card mimicked after the invitation. This is what brings me to my first GIVEAWAY of what I hope will be the first of many! TWO little lucky ducks will win a set of 5 "thank-you from the bottom of my squishy heart" postcards and as a bonus I will also include 5 envelopes just in case you'd like to convert postcard to note card.

All you have to do to compete is to name your favorite feel-good song as a comment. Any ol’ song that gets you going and pumps you up. For instance, my feel good song is Billy Idols “Dancing with Myself” I love to blast this little number when I am cleaning the house, going for a run, and of coarse dancing.
You will have until 1pm MST on Wednesday the 29th of October to post your song. I will then randomly select the two winners and the prize will be all yours. Good luckie!


Conor said...

Two really good feel good songs that I love are:
1) It's a great day to be alive
-Travis Tritt
2) Don't Wanna

Emily said...

Yes! I LOVE giveaways!! My squishy feel good song would have to be.....oh there are so many, but one of my favs is "Clocks" by Coldplay.

Katie said...

First off, last night I see Conor typing in his entry and he says to me that he's going to win this. And he's serious! Granted he did win a giveaway once and it was a cookbook... so total score for me!

My feel goods are...
1) Dizzy by Jimmy Eat World (album Chase This Light is my homeboy, I love it!)
2) On My Mind by Kalai
3) Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban
This last one might be embarrassing but this song totally pumps me up, I love running to it:
4) When I Grow Up - Pussy Cat Dolls

And yes, I did read the post and see that I only had to submit one song, but.... well... sue me. I'm secretly hoping my odds will be quadrupled!

Bob and Cathy said...

So many choices! Erika Badu's "Video" is pretty sweet...

Gonzo's Chicken said...

Two entries from the Millers, if you'll let us:

Carl's is "My Lucky Day" from Smoking Popes.

Mine is the Theme to "Superman" by John Williams (impossible to feel down when it's on).

Kindred Family said...

I love the song Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked but if your not a fan of Broadway Musicals here are a few of my other favorites!

Something to talk about - Bonnie Raitt
Jessie's Girl
Shake It - Metro Station

- Katie

qUittAnY said...

hmmm i'd have to say that my guilty pleasure pump it up song would probably be
"my humps" by black eyed peas
and then a long random playlist of other awesome music including, songs from various musicals, gwen stephani, jackson 5, M.I.A, a little old school madonna, possibly some 80's music like salt n' peppa and many more.

yay i cant wait to win:)

Grammy said...

Since the winner will be selected randomly, I feel comfortable to list "The Hukilau" as my favorite feel good song (at least when I am doing the hula around the house - when I am doing the 'moon walk', it is a whole different story!)

webmaster said...

Since everyone else is posting multiple songs I will too:
"Everyone's got something to hid except me and my monkey" -- Beatles
My current feel good song is "I'm looking through you" -- Beatles
and my all time consistent feel good song is "more than a feeling" Boston.

The Nevada Neibaur's said...

One of my favorite songs is "All Of My Love"
by Led Zepplin. :)
What a great idea!!

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