Sharing = Caring

Fantastic design in any form makes me giddy but sometimes I find it easier to really experience design when I am touching it. This is why I usually prefer reading an old journal entry or an idea from smeared maker on paper rather than through typed words on a monitor. Words just seem to have a smidge more personality that way. Don't get me wrong, writing and creating in any form is better than not at all and keeping record of it is even better. This is why blogging is so lovely.

Another loveliness to blogging is that it promotes sharing life with people you love and, if you’d like, people you don’t yet love. I will admit that I am sometimes not that generous when it comes to sharing. For instance, giving up the last bite of ice cream from my own bowl is a bit of a challenge for me at times. So here is my non-private blog in an attempt to be a better sharer/carer, even if just in my mind. Besides that, I really have a fondness for organizing, especially with bins and labels, and blogging is just that only in digital form.

And here begins a record of my insignificant-important things, what I love and what I don’t love, a collection of random morsels with perhaps a few projects sprinkled about here and there, an assortment of “giant bits” if you will.

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Emily said...

I love blogs! I do have to tell you that I put all my 2007 blog postings/pictures/comments into a hard bound book. It is one of my most valueable collections! I could just look at it all day long. I had made a post about the website--blurb.com. It is so great and way affordable. I'm in the process of keeping 2008 updated and I'm also making a book of Kate's first year. Because you are right, there is nothing like reading things on paper. It makes it more real.